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Momentum Essays - Mechanics, Classical Mechanics, Collision

Momentum Conservation of Momentum Kristin Favreau October 26, 1999 Purpose: To show that momentum is conserved in a closed system by illustrating the conservation of momentum in an elastic collision and an inelastic collision. Method: If momentum is conserved in a closed system, the total momentum of the system before collision should equal the total momentum of the system after the collision. Strobe photos will be used in the calculations that will prove that momentum is conserved. 1.) Elastic collision: A strobe photo will be used that shows a large glider smashing into a smaller glider which is initially at rest. This will cause the smaller glider to move and the large glider will continue to move also. 2.) Inelastic collision: A strobe photo will be used that shows a glider smashing into another glider which is initially at rest. When they collide the two gliders will stick together and will move. -The masses, distances and times will be measured in order to calculate the momentums of the systems before and after collision occurs. Data: V = d/t P = m x v 1.) Elastic collision: When Mass Distance Time Velocity Momentum Glider A Before Collision .31215 kg .009m .6s .015 m/s .00468 Kg m/s Glider B Before Collision .15580 kg ? ? 0 m/s 0 Kg m/s Glider A After Collision .31215 kg .005m 1.0s .005 m/s .00156 Kg m/s Glider B After Collision .15580 kg .011m .6s .018 m/s .00280 Kg m/s 2.) Inelastic collision: When Mass Distance Time Velocity Momentum Glider C Before Collision .3105 kg .016m 1.0s .016 m/s .004968 Kg m/s Glider D Before Collision .3000 kg ? ? 0 m/s 0 Kg m/s Gliders C+D After Collision .6105 kg .015m 2.0s .008 m/s .004884 Kg m/s Calculations: 1.) Elastic collision: Before After Glider A .00468 Kg m/s .00156 Kg m/s Glider B + 0 Kg m/s +.00280 Kg m/s .00468 Kg m/s .00436 Kg m/s 2.) Inelastic collision: Total momentum before = Total momentum after mv + mv = (m + m ) v (.3105kg x .016 m/s) + 0 = (.3105 kg + .3000 kg) x .008 m/s .0050 Kg m/s = .0049 Kg m/s Conclusion: Through experiments with strobe photos involving elastic and inelastic collisions, I was able to show that momentum is contained within a closed system. My efficiency for the elastic collision was 3.54% and my efficiency for the inelastic collision was 1.01 %. Less than 10 % of the momentum was lost in either collision indicating a good experiment. The lost momentum can be attributed to the transfer from mechanical energy to thermal energy. Sources of Error: 1.) The distances measured in the two strobe photos were estimated. 2.) The measurement of time was an average. % error = difference x 100 sum of all 1.) % error = .00032 x 100 = 3.54 % error .00904 2.) % error = .0001 x 100 = 1.01 % error .0099

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Mistissini History and Culture

Mistissini History and Culture The Crees of Mistissini have resided in the Mistassini Lake area since time immemorial. In the early 1800's, the community of Mistissini's actual location was just a summer encampment due to the establishment of the Hudson Bay Company fur trading post on sight. The North West Company and other fur traders were also in the vicinity and can be considered contenders in the fur trade with the Hudson Bay Company in those days.Apart from Mistissini Crees there were neighbouring Cree hunting groups such as the Nitchigoun, Neoweskaau, and even some Nemaska people whom eventually came together to make up the Mistissini population in the 1930's. The government assistance began in the early 1940's providing food rations and eventually clothing allowance. It wasn't until the early 1960's that the government assistance was fully in place for the Mistissini Crees.The James Bay Agreement was signed on November 11, 1975 giving the Crees of the region opportunity of further development in their respe ctive communities.The Hudson's Bay Company building in Montreal.Progressing over the years in many ways the community of Mistissini has developed to what it is today.Some important dates in the history of Mistissini7200 - 6700 years ago - Deglaciation of the Mistissini area.6000 - 4500 years ago - The initial First Nation occupation of the Mistissini area probably occured during this period. The Mistissini area has probably been occupied continuously from at least 4500 to the present. Some Mistissine Innu dispute these dates, suggesting that their ancestors have always lived here.4500-4000 years ago - Colline Blanche, located on the Temiscamie River, began to be used as a source of stone for the manufacture of stone tools. Archeologists found this high quality stone in sites located in many parts of Quebec and into northern New England.early 1600s AD - Having long...

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5 Major Differences Between Public and Private Schools

5 Major Differences Between Public and Private Schools Education is an important part of raising children and preparing them to live successful lives. For many families, finding the right school environment isnt as easy as just enrolling at the local public school. With the information we have today about learning differences and 21st-century skills, not all schools can adequately meet the needs of every student. So how do you determine if the local  school is meeting your childs needs or if its time to switch schools? A common comparison is that of public schools and private schools. As many public schools face budget cuts that lead to larger class sizes and fewer resources, many private schools continue to flourish. However, a private school can be expensive. Is it worth the investment? Here are some major questions that you should be asking yourself about the differences between public and private schools.   How Large Are the Class Sizes? Class size is one of the major differences between public schools and private schools. The class size in urban public schools can be as large as 25-30 students (or more),  while most private schools keep their class sizes closer to an average of 10-15  students, depending on the school. Its important to note that some schools will publicize a student to teacher ratio, in addition to, or sometimes in place of, an average classroom size. The student to teacher ratio is not the same as the average classroom size, as the ratio often includes part-time teachers who may serve as tutors or substitutes, and sometimes the ratio even includes non-teaching faculty (administrators, coaches, dorm parents) who are part of students daily lives outside the classroom. There are  electives at some private schools with even fewer students, meaning that your child will receive personalized attention and the ability to contribute to classroom discussions that foster learning. Some schools have a Harkness Table, an oval-shaped table that began at Philips Exeter Academy to allow all the people at the table to look at each other during discussions. Smaller class sizes also mean that teachers can give students longer and more complicated assignments, as the teachers don’t have as many papers to grade. For example, students at many academically challenging college-preparatory private schools write 10-15 page papers as juniors and seniors. How Are the Teachers Prepared? While public school teachers always need to be certified, private school teachers  often don’t need formal certification. Nevertheless, many are experts in their fields or have master’s or even doctoral degrees. While it is very difficult to remove public school teachers, private school teachers generally have contracts that are renewable each year. How Well Does the School Prepare Students for College or Post-High School Life? While many public schools do a good job of preparing students for college, many do not. For example, a recent study  found that even A-rated public schools in New York City have remediation rates of over 50% for their graduates who attend the City University of New York. Most college-preparatory private schools do a thorough job of preparing their graduates to succeed in college; however, this too varies based on the individual school. What Attitude Do the Students Have When It Comes to School? In part, because private schools often have selective admissions processes, they are able to choose students who are highly motivated. Many private school students want to learn, and your child will be surrounded by students who regard academic achievement as desirable. For students who arent challenged enough at their current schools, finding a school full of highly motivated students can be a major improvement in their learning experience. Does the School Offer Other Services and Activities That Are Meaningful for My Child? Because private schools don’t have to follow state laws about what to teach, they can offer unique and specialized  programs. For example, parochial schools can offer religion classes,  while special-education schools can offer remedial and counseling programs to help their students. Schools often offer highly advanced programs in the sciences or arts. For example, Milken Community Schools in Los Angeles invested more than $6 million in developing one of the top private school Advanced Science Programs. The immersive environment also means that many private school students simply attend school for more hours in the day than do public school students because private schools offer after-school programs and a longer schedule. This means less time to get in trouble and more time to get involved in activities.

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Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 6

Management - Essay Example The most significant problems that are affecting the plant include, material cost and a bad co-ordination between Research & Development people and Production engineers. Repeated design changing is making the overall cost higher. Had been designs coming from R & D section go directly for production without any more rectification, cost would have lowered. There is a dispute between R & D and Production peoples. One is blaming the other, which forces me to incorporate one special investigation team to govern actually where the conflict is. One design after coming to Production section does not reserves the right to be changed without proper notification to me. According to the notice sent by Employee & Community Relation Manager, we need to hire women and people of color very soon and make sure a higher percentage will be recruited into Production section which requires more effective manpower. Nothing is born perfect. We have to give the color of perfection. Question is not how effective we are, rather question is how much more we have to be. There must be a good relation among the people in the department as well as within various departments. After getting sure that design is complete and may rule over the market then only materials should be purchased. Otherwise it’s immaterial to periodically purchase and change the model structure. To set up good relationship, weekly meetings will be organized where all the in- charges of various sections may come with their ambiguities and questions if any. Other than this, picnic party, cultural activities will help the employees to intermingle. As Baker and Baker is interested for our model 80, so production engineers must do their work to make the product available as soon as possible. After that only other models and multi channel digital system will be carried out. As we are hiring people, later on works can be split up.

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Cancer Nanotechnology Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Cancer Nanotechnology - Research Proposal Example The several available methods for treatment of cancer and all prove to have severe effects to the victims. A proper method of treatment put in place of these other forms of treatment; can be of a relief to the patients. Some cancer patients even believe that cancer treatment is worse than the cancer itself because of the side effects they have to go through. Cancer nanotechnology may have an answer to this big problem. First, it is cheaper, has faster detection methods, and has fewer side effects in comparison to the other forms of treatments. In nanotechnology if the cancer detection nanoparticles are loaded with anti cancer drugs then scientists can be able to attack cancer cells exactly where they are. A potent dose of the anticancer drugs is in delivery in form of time-release treatment. Thus, the delivery of the drugs is to a specific area but released over a period ensuring works effectively and at the same time keeps the patient safe. Once the drug is in the designated area wi th cancerous cells, the gold nanoparticles take the dye to the cancer cells. White blood cells reject this dye and once the dye is inside the cancer cells, they are activated by light to destroy these cells. This treatment in comparison to the others does not subject other parts of the body to chemicals that may affect certain areas such as the tissues. The chemicals are only concentrated to targeted areas with cancerous cells in the body. This way the problem of severe side effects can no longer be a major problem in cancer treatments with this effective and efficient form of treatment for cancer. In addition, nanotechnology is much cheaper if compared to these other forms of treatment. Nanotechnology proves to be an answer to those patients seeking cheaper treatment for cancer.

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Don Quixote Essay Example for Free

Don Quixote Essay Fiction and Metafiction in Borges Ficciones and Cervantes Don Quixote dela Mancha Unbelievable and amazing may perhaps best describe the literature that the world has as of the moment. It is unbelievable because who would have thought that the wide spectrum of literary works would be so great in number? At the same time, it is amazing as the progress and history which literature has gone through are truly marvelous. The literary works which are within humanitys reach are incomparable to what people back then had. The literary works of the moment which are within humanitys reach is a compilation of history, art, language, the sciences, and politics of every generation, culture, and nation. Truly, literature has such a monumental scope within its pages that sometimes, a person may be lost with so many things literature has to offer. Literature is both fact and fiction and is inspired both by history and creative imagination. The elements within literature are all reflections of the realities of society, but these things can still be considered as fictional—after all, fact is fact and pure truth—nothing more. But what if something fictional seems so real that it seems to be factual and true? What if a person or a character which is just imagined seems to be a real person of this world? What if the line between reality and imagined is confusing and seems to be separated by nothing at all? Two authors by the name of Jorge Luis Borges and Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra are the answers to such questions. Saavedra who wrote (or â€Å"supposedly re-wrote) the famous adventure of Don Quixote dela Mancha and Jorge Luis Borges who wrote the seventeen literary pieces contained within Ficciones are fictional writers. When a person talks about fiction, it usually pertains to one thing—created by the imagination. Thus, it means that any work of fiction is merely invented by any person and that any fictional work is not true, is false, and can never be a fact. Yet, Saavedra and Borges have created literary works which are fictional but they seem so real and true that a person is left to believe that they are indeed the truth—metafiction. Metafiction, according to Patricia Waugh, is â€Å"a term given to fictional writing which self-consciously and systematically draws attention to its status as an artifact in order to pose questions about the relationship between fiction and reality† (qtd. in Liu). Thus, metafiction is indeed fictional and from the imagination, and it aims to confuse readers about what is real and what is merely created by a person. How does a person achieve this? Again, according to Patricia Waugh, â€Å"such writings not only examine the fundamental structures of narrative fiction, they also explore the possible fictionality of the world outside the literary fictional text† (qtd. in Liu). Thus, an author creates a fictional world and creates another fictional world within the already imagined world—creating a metafictional world. In Borges Ficciones and Saavedras Don Quixote dela Mancha—this metafictional world is truly what they have conjured up. Ficciones is a book which contains seventeen fictional literary pieces that seem to be real. Each piece has its own world, own elements of characters, settings, and even at some point, its own mind and language. There are pieces such as the Library of Babel that appears to be real and true that a reader also wants to believe that such place is true. In that particular piece (from Part One of the book), Borges describes a library in length and in awe. The whole thing seems to be an introduction to a novel of some sort, and yet at the same time, it also seems to come from a real book full of factual evidences that such a library exists. In the following excerpt, Borges describes the library and the people who are fascinated with it: â€Å"When it was proclaimed that the Library comprised all books, the first impression was one of extravagant joy. All men felt themselves of a secret, intact treasure. The universe was justified, the universe suddenly expanded to the limitless dimensions of hope† (83). However, further in the Library of Babel, Borges even talks of mystical books such as the Vindications which are â€Å"books of apology and prophesy which vindicated for all time the actions of every man in the world and established a store of prodigious arcana for the future† (83). What Borges has created is a fictional world, but a reader may find that world to be so palpable and genuine that it appears to be impossible that it is just imagined. The same conclusion can be given to Saavedra and his work on Don Quixote dela Mancha. In Saavedras work, the book is divided into two parts—one is the tale or adventure itself of Don Quixote and the second part is the metafictional work wherein the author talks directly to the readers and even to the characters that they all seem to be real people when clearly, they are all imagined. The ridiculous adventure of Don Quixote and his â€Å"squire† Sancho Panza is so preposterous (as with the example of the enchanted peasant girl or the basin turned into a knights helmet), far-fetched, and humorous that a person will not for a second think that the entire tale is true. However, when Saavedra writes the second part of the book, doubts and hesitations replace the earlier convictions. For example, in the first part, Saavedra writes about a Dulcinea who was believed by Don Quixote to be a princess in disguise of a peasant girl when in fact, she really is a peasant girl. Later on though, Saavedra explains this turn of events in Don Quixotes life: â€Å"I have reason to think that Sanchos artifice to deceive his mater, and make him believe the peasant girl to be Dulcinea enchanted, was in fact, all a contrivance of some one of the magicians who persecute Don Quixote † (369). Therefore, Saavedra has created two worlds—one that is entirely fictional wherein the character of Don Quixote resides, and the other is metaficitonal wherein the character of Don Quixote does reside still but which it is explained why he has such ridiculous notions of chivalry and enchantments. In conclusion, though metafiction may seem to be such a complex and wondrous thing, it cannot exist without a person knowing first what is fictional. Metafiction exists in the world of fiction—a person cannot write or create a metafictional world without going into a fictional one. That is like a person wanting to break the rules without knowing what were the rules in the first place. Literature is truly complex but at the same time unbelievable and amazing—Saavedra and Borges can attest to that. Works Cited Borges, Jorge Luis. Ficciones. New York: Grove Press, 1962. Saavedra, Miguel de Cervantes. Don Quixote dela Mancha. New York: Penguin Group Incorporated, 1957. Lui, Kate. â€Å"Theories of Metafiction. † Postmodern Theories and Texts. 1998. Department of English Language and Literature, Fu Jen University. 4 Aug. 2009.

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Genetic Engineering: Our Key to a Better World Essay -- Genetic Engine

What is genetic engineering one might ask and why is there so much moral controversy surrounding the topic? Genetic engineering as defined by Pete Moore, "is the name given to a wide variety of techniques that have one thing in common: they all allow the biologist to take a gene from one cell and insert it into another" (SS1). Such techniques included in genetic engineering (both "good" and "bad") are, genetic screening both during the fetal stage and later in life, gene therapy, sex selection in fetuses, and cloning. Because of many ethical, religious, and safety concerns, genetic engineering is the source of much debate and argument. Many people, even scientists, have raised strong questions concerning the issue. In his article Moore raises such questions as, "Could the technology get out of control and damage human health or the environment? Who will decide which of the many uses are safe and permissible, and which should be banned? How can we assess the safety of genetic enginee ring?" (SS1) These questions and similar ones raised by the opposition do hold valid moral and ethical considerations. However, the vast benefits of regulated genetic engineering techniques could greatly improve human health, the environment, and agriculture, and must be allowed to be explored by responsible scientists. Simply put, genetic engineering offers a possible brighter future for our world and everyone in it and it must be pursued in a restricted manner so the positive effects can be obtained. The first point that must be made when arguing for the use of genetic engineering is stressing that genetic engineering must be highly controlled to avoid possible catastrophe. In his book, The Ethics of Genetic Control, Joseph Fletcher describes ... ...seases would also be eliminated. It is obvious that both sides of the genetic engineering debate have very valid arguments based on their beliefs. However, from the scientist standpoint the banning of genetic engineering research and techniques would be a rash mistake. For how can we know what might have been if we never try? And how can with move our world into the future without exploring progress? Therefore, under strict controls, safety precautions, and bans of unethical techniques, genetic engineering could very well be the key to a better world and a better life for all. Works Cited: Fletcher, Joseph. The Ethics of Genetic Control. New York: Anchor Press/Doubleday, 1974. Moore, Pete. "Genetic Manipulation." New Scientist 13 Nov. 1993: SS1-SS4. Shannon, Thomas A. What Are They Saying About Genetic Engineering? New York: Paulist Press, 1985.